1win Terms and Conditions in India

When you sign up at the sports betting and casino gambling platform 1win, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. All the rules are compiled there, and you need to follow them to have a quality experience at the bookmaker when you are placing bets and playing casino games. Have a look down below to see some of the most important points!

Find out all the rules and symbols on the 1win website.

1win User Agreements

When you create an account, you agree to a variety of conditions. Some of the most important ones are listed here, which confirms that you have done the following:

  • This is your first and sole registration at 1win;
  • You have read the Terms and Conditions and agree;
  • You are of legal age in your state, province, or country of residency to utilize our betting services;
  • You are not in a region that is restricted;
  • You are at least 18 years old;
  • You are using your own money and playing for yourself;
  • You are aware of the restrictions that 1win.pro imposes on the maximum prizes that may be won daily, weekly, or monthly, as well as the maximum amounts that may be withdrawn daily, weekly, or monthly.

1win General Terms and Conditions

The overall general Terms and Conditions of the official 1win sports betting and casino gambling platform are outlined in the subsections down below.

Main provisions

  • A client’s wager on any given event result is deemed successful if all of the outcomes anticipated in the wager were realized;
  • If there is an obvious error in 1win’s odds, the bet will be adjusted to reflect the final outcome using the odds that actually match that marker;
  • 1win reserves the right to close a betting account and to reverse any bets placed on that account if it is determined that the participant had knowledge of the outcome of the event at the time the bets were placed. The management of the betting firm is not required to present any evidence or findings to the bettors in this situation.

Risk Disclosure 1win

Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you confirm that you are aware that playing casino games and placing bets at 1win exposes you to the possibility of losing the funds put into your account. You decide whether to use the services offered by 1win at your own will, sole discretion, and risk of liability. You also decide if such use is permitted under the laws in effect in your country. You enter the website and play the games on your own responsibility.